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Monday 16th of July 2018

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Traditional Ranges

We supply reconditioned wood-burning and multi-fuel range stoves. These are coal and wood-fired. We offer the leading cooker brands, Rayburn and AGA. These range stoves are available as food preparation range stoves for cooking.  Also available are stoves with residential hot water for central heating boilers. So the range cookers that can additionally do the central home heating for your residence.

top view of a reconditioned range cooker

  • 2-OVEN AGA
  • 4-OVEN AGA
  • Rayburn Supreme
  • 3-OVEN AGA
  • Rayburn Royal Solid Fuel Range Cooker

Cast iron, heat-storage stoves could keep an entire home warm- and look gorgeous too. Though they experience an old-fashioned look,  a typical range could look excellent in modern houses. In an English kitchen with a white wood-burning stove functions perfectly with the white ceramic tiles, walls, and island top.

Every AGA cast iron range cooker includes a roasting oven and a simmering oven. They also have a simmering plate and a boiling plate. Each is ready at the optimum for every type of food preparation. It's the cast iron that makes this possible. It allows every AGA range cooker to keep heat and gradually radiate it via the ovens and hotplates.

Each cooking zone goes to a pre-set warmth for convenience, ease and trouble-free usage. Emitting the heat from all of the cast iron oven surfaces at the same time. This makes certain a kinder cooking procedure, unlike the fiercer direct heat of traditional cookers. Every cast iron AGA chefs throughout the series of temperature levels, all kinds of cuisines. There is a high level of insulation within the external casting and each hotplate lid. This makes certain fuel is used sensibly and economically.