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Monday 16th of July 2018

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AGA Ranges

AGA is the conventional cooking range offering authentic elegance. It also provides top quality food preparation. AGA epitomises a relaxed, comfortable lifestyle in town or country. The  AGA supplies all this, and far more, at a price that is amazingly down to earth. It offers you all the control and adaptability of contemporary cooking techniques. All this along with winter warmth of the conventional range.

cream coloured reconditioned rayburn cooker

The AGA Cooker, a time-tested rang cooker, available in a range of colours and fuels. There are two variations, with two ovens or 4 stoves, and the two oven variation is one of the most popular. The fuel types available are oil, gas (LPG and natural), and solid fuel. The oil terminated variation is the most popular right now.

The AGA is a style traditional symbolising quality and craftsmanship and is made in England. It is are highly resilient and created from the effective high quality cast iron. It is versatile and adaptable and readily available in a variety of fuel types and dimensions, with between 2 to 5 ovens and in an attractive series of shades. Whatever the size, every Aga cooker has a boiling and simmering plate together with at the very least one roasting and one simmering oven.

Equally, as an AGA doesn't look like a conventional cooker, it does not prepare like one either. If we have a look inside, we could see just how the premium quality iron castings make AGA food preparation so different and so unique. The iron castings create a remarkably efficient power supply.  It progressively moves heat from the inner core via to all the internal surface areas of the oven cavity.