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Second Hand Range Cookers For Sale

Ranges Cooker Sales are long established range cooker specialists in Cornwall. We offer second hand range cookers for sale. We are a friendly family-run business and have over 35 years of experience in the industry. We have an extensive showroom which showcases a wide variety of reconditioned AGA, Rayburn and Range cookers. We are your one-stop solution from the initial assessment to installation and aftercare. We service throughout the South West, and customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our priorities.

 A traditional range cooker can add character and life to a family home. Their vibrant colours and practicality are ever increasing in popularity. A reconditioned range cooker doesn't mean the quality is at all compromised. On average, our customers can enjoy a saving of up to 75% on a refurbished cooker compared to a new one. We can cater for your specific requirements and advise on the cooker best suited to your needs. We also have a spacious workshop to carry out restoration and repair works. Even if you didn't buy your range cooker from us, we understand the importance of ongoing maintenance. We can offer a tailored service plan throughout Cornwall. This will ensure your range is achieving optimal performance without fail.

Discount Range Cookers

AGA range cookers are one of the most popular brands of range cookers. They work with the principle of heat storage- it stores low amounts of heat throughout the day thus eliminates the need to "pre-heat". 

Made from British Cast Iron, it is an extremely efficient material for the intended purpose. Initially designed to be fuelled only by slow-burning coal. But modern technology means that it can use a variety of fuels, from solid fuel, gas to even electric. Though internally different the modern AGA retains its appeal. The iconic charm of its design has rarely been altered since it's invention proving timeless elegance. Aside from adding character and value to a quaint home, there are practical benefits. These are the main reasons why they are increasing in popularity. 

powder blue reconditioned aga range cooker

Range Cookers Dual Fuel

Chefs regardless of experience, have long complemented the AGA range cooker. They admire its ability to retain moisture in food due to the heat storing feature. It also allows for multiple dishes, sweet and savoury, to be cooked at the same time meaning cooking time can be significantly reduced.

In addition to its culinary advantages, the AGA is also favoured- especially for larger homes, for its heat retaining ability. It's signature quality also means it doubles as a constant heat source. This often eliminates the need for additional heat sources in the same or even adjoining spaces. This, in turn, helps to reduce the heating costs for the property.

We offer discount range cookers in Cornwall. Call us today on 01209 589 589 to find out about our AGA stoves in stock.

reconditioend charcoal grey range cooker
top view of a refurbished cream range cooker
Sunflower yellow reconditioned aga rayburn cooker
charcoal grey cooker with hot plates open

Deluxe Stove Ranges 

The AGA Deluxe, initially introduced in the 1960s, is a well-loved model throughout the world. The main principle remains the same for its efficiency. It is compatible with different fuel options depending on your needs and requirements. Depending on your requirements, some fuels offer benefits over others. Ask us about our range cookers dual fuel options.

 The Deluxe range remains mostly unchanged from the traditional ranges. The main update being a more subtle and contemporary design.The primary material, cast iron, makes it ideal to re-condition. AGA deluxe stove range parts are sourced with relatable ease. We have extensive experience the restoration of AGA Deluxe ranges and steadily have spares and parts in stock. They are also available in as much as 19 colours, making it an ideal centrepiece of your country kitchen. 

rows of reconditioned rayburn cookers in showroom

Traditional Ranges

The Traditional AGA range cooker was initially only available in cream and supplied with solid fuel. It's since then evolved to utilise a variety of fuels, some of which allow the range cooker to power a domestic hot water system. It's now commonly available in a wide variety of vibrant colours with two and four-door models to suit your needs.

Traditional AGA ranges are known for their durability. It's not uncommon to find appliances over 50 years old still functioning perfectly. This makes them excellent value for money, especially if you opt for a refurbished model. At the end of its service life, many of its components can be reconditioned and used to repair other models.

Budget Range Cookers

Budget Rayburn ranges for sale.

Rayburn ranges are very similar to AGA ranges. They operate with the same heat retaining principle and are constructed mainly with the same materials. Rayburn is a traditional British company established in 1940. Many units from their initial production are still in use today. This stands testimony to their durability and efficiency. 

Similar to the AGA, they allow for a range of fuels to be used and can accommodate a domestic central heating system. Over the years they have developed their models to tailor for left-handed and right-handed users. They have also bested their competitors by being the first to introduce a temperature control for the ovens. This was previously controlled entirely by the heat produced from the fuel.

Buy a second hand range cooker today by calling 01209 589 589. Ask us about our budget range cookers.

Discount Range Cookers

A Royal solid fuel cooker is a versatile range cooker which not only has two top plates and two ovens. It also can also incorporate a domestic central heating system controlling up to 9 radiators. This is not known to affect the performance of the cooker.Royal solid fuel cookers are available in a range of 19 colours, from the more traditional cream to a striking postbox red. Ranges Cooker Sales are experts in the vitreous enamelling of the exterior. We can add this while ensuring your solid fuel cooker is maintained to the best possible standard.

Buy Second Hand Range Cooker

Oil & Electric range cookers are more modern additions to the Rayburn family. They were developed to provide alternative fuel options as technology advanced. The electric version loses the ability to power a domestic central heating system. However, it greatly increases the flexibility of the appliance because it can be installed in most homes without the need for a prefabricated chimney. We have a wide variety of range cookers in our showroom, in colour and fuel options. With our vast expertise in the industry, you can count on us to assist you with the specific requirements of your home and advice on the best solution.

Supreme range cooker sales

The Rayburn Supreme, or Nouvelle range, is one of the most popular models of country stove cookers. These are installed in homes throughout the country. The versatility of this multi-fuel cooker means it can be run with different fuel options, while having the heating output of 9 radiators. Only introduced in the 1980s, many of the initially produced units are still in use today. We are your first choice for  discount range cookers.

All of our Supreme/Nouvelle range cookers are carefully inspected pre-sales. They are refurbished to eliminate any potentially faulty parts.The Supreme/Nouvelle range cooker also boasts the highest output of all Rayburn ranges. Its two hot plates significantly reduce cooking time. In addition to a cooking oven, it also has the capacity of a warming oven, to ensure food is kept at the optimal temperature prior to serving. Because of the unique principle of which it operates, it also helps food retain moisture and remain succulent. Most Rayburn range cookers have the option to be ambidextrous. However, the Supreme/Nouvelle range is only available with a right-handed model. 

AGA rayburn cooker with stove open
row of different coloured reconditioned cookers

Our years of expertise within the industry means that we are the obvious choice for your range cooker requirements. We can advise on the most suitable range cooker for your home, complete the installation and create a tailored care package for your cooker. We also specialise in repairs and stock a large variety of different components. When it comes to reconditioned ranges, there's no one better than Ranges Cooker Sales.

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